Meet Our Team

Dennis Karlin

Fabrication Apprentice

Dennis has been a metal fabricator with A&E since October 2015 and performs a variety of duties for the company. After going to college for graphic arts and being involved in the commercial printing industry for over 20 years. Upon realizing the future of the industry was evaporating he unexpectedly took a turn and discovered a new passion in the custom metal fabrication field.

Dennis was born in Denver and moved to Loveland in 1979, graduating from Thompson Valley High in 1984. As mentioned, he went to college for graphic arts and to participate in baseball. He was later drafted by the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves. He played ball pitching for the Braves for just one year before being forced to throw in the towel due to an elbow injury. Dennis feels very fortunate to be a part of A&E and the metal fabrication field. He is excited to get up and go to work everyday and feels blessed to have A position that fuels his passion, while realizing most people probably don’t really enjoy what they do on a daily basis. As a Colorado native, Dennis loves the outdoors and spends a great amount of time on his time off with his wife Diana doing activities such as cycling, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, riding their motorcycles and cooking.

Looking to the future, Dennis is excited to further his fabrication skills and continually help create extraordinary quality products for their broad customer base.

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